Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Nasty Soy Milk and The 29 #2

What is there to do on a Saturday night in Phoenix? I know! I know! Trust your friend, Ivonne, and head over to Space 55 for 2 short plays, Tangelico and A Cube with a View. Not gonna lie…we rolled up to the theater and I would have been more than happy to keep on rolling. On the outside it looked a little like The Trunk Space which was so not a good experience but we threw caution to the wind and headed inside. It was dark and a little dirty but had so much personality. There was artwork from local artists all over the walls and the theater area was small but efficient. We opted to sit on the couches around the edge of the stage and if I were to have put more thought into it I would have probably chosen to not sit there. Only God knows what has happened on them. Ugh. Anyway, both of the plays were entertaining. The acting was good and to further our entertainment there was one girl in the crowd who thought everything was SUPER DUPER HILARIOUS. I’m pretty sure I spent almost as much time laughing about her then I did laughing about the plays. All in all it was a good experience and I would totally go again for another production. Thanks Ivonne! Oh and the thing about the soy milk is for some reason BOTH of the plays had a glass of soy milk in it and both of the characters talked about how nasty it was. I agree so I stole the line. Anywho, here is Ivonne and I sitting on the nasty couch.

This is the shirt that she found for me during a Goodwill trip. It says It’s All About Me and has some characters in tighty whities on it. We couldn’t figure the second part of the whole equation out but the first part was awesome so I wore it. 

This is the view of the stage from our nasty couch seats.

I don’t know why I always do this but here is a picture of the bathroom. I thought it was funny that there were a bunch of clothes hanging up in there and I kinda wanted to put one of the articles of clothing on and just walk out and sit down next to Ivonne like nothing was different but the gross factor stopped me.

Thumbs up for The 29 #2!


  1. Hahahahaah! This is hysterical, Kathy! I would have DIED laughing if you came back to the couch wearing something from the bathroom!

    Thanks for bravely accompanying me to something new and different for both of us! It was a blast!

  2. Ivonne,

    I SO wish I wouldn't have done all that research on germs and whatnot. Maybe next time...

    Thank you for finding it! It was a total blast!


  3. Hi Kathy ~

    I wrote A Cube With A View. I'm pleased that you and Ivonne enjoyed the show! Cube was written as a companion piece to Tangelico. There are three props taken from Tangelico: soy milk, apple, and french fries and of course the rant about cats (the play and then the animals).

    Sterling and I had a great time working on this show. If you're interested you can find us at our websites: and I have a personal blog at writingoutsidethelines.blogspot.

    Thanks for coming to Space 55 and for seeing our show!


  4. Great post Kathy!

    Thanks for attending the plays and thanks for blogging about it. It's an absolute treat to read about your experiences on the evening. It sounds like you had a lot of fun too which is even better.

    Like you, I was amused by the clothing in the washroom. Sometimes, there is a lot more fun to be had than just the stuff on the stage.

    There's no greater favour you can do for the arts than talking / blogging about them. So thanks again!

  5. Mare Briddle/Sterling Lynch,

    I kinda threw up in my mouth a bit when I saw that you all had read and commented on my post. I never expected that anyone beyond my normal readers would read this. Thanks for stopping by.

    Best of luck!




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